Fallout 2D20 by Modiphius

The Vanishing

The wastelands are a dangerous place, and you are no stranger to the risks. You’ve seen the destruction that man and beast still wage on each other. Finding an abandoned settlement isn’t a surprise. Well, at least not normally. This is the third one in as many days.

This is an introductory level adventure using the Fallout 2d20 system created by Modiphius.  Pregenerated characters will be provided, but those who are familiar with the rules are free to bring their own first level character to the table.


The Vault Dweller

You fled your vault along with a number of your friends when you learned your genetic material was going to be harvested. Unfortunately, you watched many of them die of radiation poison and the harsh realities of the wasteland.  You search the wasteland, collecting research that you hope will one day help to restore the world.

The Survivor

Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.  Unfortunately, you seem to be on a losing streak, at least when it comes to caps.  You took a job that looked like a sure thing, but no one had told you about the raiders.  Your cargo was lost and now you owe a lot of caps to the wrong people.  All you need is that one big score to set everything right.  Now, if you only have the time to pull it off.

The Ghoul

Your family is gone - Victims of a fire that destroyed your home.  Your father might still be alive, but you don't know where he is.  You've been looking for him for over a year with little luck. Sometimes it's hard to remember what your life used to be like before you became a wanderer. You've seen the feral ghouls in the wasteland. Is that the fate that is waiting for you? Has it already claimed your father?

The Super Mutant

You are older and wiser than all of the other super mutants. At least that is what you tell anyone who listens.  You are definitely old and have done a little of everything at one time or another. Whatever it took to survive or come out on top.  You've spent the last several decade living as a hermit, trying to forget your past.  Maybe enough time has passed that you can emerge and begin a new chapter of your life.  

The Brotherhood of Steel Initiate

You started as a freelancer, scavenging for whatever you could find in the ruins. That changed when you rescued the soldier from a super mutant ambush and cared for him until he recovered from his wounds.  You were offered a chance to join the brotherhood as a nurse, but you wanted more. You've finally been given the chance to prove that you can do more.  All that you need to do is to scout the wasteland and bring back something of great value. Simple, right?

The Mister Handy

You've been left for "dead" countless times but have always managed to come back. A scrounged piece here, a modified piece there. You doubt your creator would recognize you now after so many self-modifications.  You don't feel pain, but you do understand the concept. All of these mismatched pieces grind and clash, and you imagine this is what pain is like for humans.  You can end the pain though.  Your core is fully functional, untouched by all of the hard years you've experienced. All you need to do is to transfer it into a different model. That's not something you can do yourself.  First you'll need the chassis then you'll figure out what comes next.