Daggerheart by Darrington Press

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The Sablewood Messengers

Marlowe Fairwind, the right-hand sorcerer of King Emeris, has gathered her most trusted allies to carry an important package to Hush, a small village within the ancient forest of Sablewood. The crate is large, heavy and sealed with magic, addressed to the Whitefire Arcanist. You’ve been given a map and a carriage, and the promise of reward upon your arrival.


Marlowe Fairwind, the Loreborne Elf Sorcerer

She is the personal mage to King Emeris, and is responsible for bringing this group together. She appears calm, until she isn’t.

Barnacle, the Underborne Ribbet Rogue

There is no danger he will not get into, and no situation he cannot get out of. He fears water and will not swim.

Garrick Reed, the Highborne Human Warrior

A defector from a distant military force, he approaches most conflict with a “kill ‘em with kindness” attitude.

Khari Nix, the Wanderborne Giant Guardian

Loyal to the end, with a dry sense of humor, she will suffer no fools. Khari was practically born with an axe in her hand.

Varian Soto, the Wildborne Katari Ranger

They take a “shoot first, ask questions later” approach. Any problem that can’t be solved with a bow, isn’t a problem yet.